Termites are some the world’s smallest inhabitants, but underestimating their potential to cause serious damage to your property would be very poor judgement. These petite, narrow-shaped insects can cause up to billions of dollars in damage each year. It is harder to detect termite infestation because most termites travel by way of tunnels that can extend up to hundreds of feet long in order to feed, breed, or enter your home. Termites mainly feed on wood, but can cause great damage to anything from your insulation to your home’s filtration systems.

Termites normally stay out of the naked eye, constructing mud tubes (tunnels) for shelter and for travel throughout the structure. These mud tubes can be found stretched across foundation walls, support piers, and floor joists. The mud tubes can range from the diameter of a pen or thicker. To determine if the mud tubes are termite-related, break one open and look for small, creamy-white insects.

Mike’s pest control uses a series of strategized and proven termite control treatment programs to annihilate the termite population that is festering in your structure. Mike’s Pest Control services uses the latest and most effective pieces of technology to ensure that all treatments have been applied thoroughly and attentively throughout your property and that all treatments bring about satisfactory results. Mike’s Pest Control provides fast and efficient services to home and structures of all sizes and qualities.

Termite Control Treatment Options

  • Post-Construction Treatment

  • Pre-Construction Treatment

  • Annual Termite Inspection

  • Termite Real Estate Inspection

  • Site inspection

  • Post-treatment monitoring

  • Free estimate

  • Mike’s Pest Control Satisfaction Guarantee

Mike’s Pest Control is Termidor Certified and we only use Termidor on post construction treatments. Termite treatments even come with warranty and renewal options.